Woosage50 Credit Ordering Settings

Woosage50 Credit Ordering Settings

Note, this feature is available from release 2.5 onwards
For an overview of credit ordering functionality and supported payment plugins see Woosage50 Credit Ordering

If using the Rymera Web Co Invoice Gateway plugin, you must set the Default Order Status to Processing in WooCommerce>Settings>Invoice Gateway 

Credit ordering can be enabled for customers in one of two ways, using:
  1. Website User Profiles
  2. Sage Customer Record Fields
Users must be logged in to use credit ordering and, if using Sage Customer Record Fields, their website user profile must contain their Sage account reference. The Sage account reference will also ensure that orders the place are created in their Sage account and will avoid email searches when processing orders. See below for more detail.

For credit ording settings go to Woosage50>Settings>Credit Ordering and the following page will be displayed.

Note, there are more settings than displayed above and these are covered below.

Enabling Credit Ordering Using Website User Profiles

To enable credit ordering using website user profiles use the following setting in Woosage50>Settings>Credit Ordering. This is the simplest way of enabling credit ordering.

In the option Allow credit ordering for customers select Use website user profile from the dropdown list.

The list of supported payment methods that are detected by Woosage will be displayed as checkboxes by the Credit ordering payment methods option. Select as appropriate.

If required, enable additional checks as described subsequently.

You can then enable this feature for individual customers as described in Enabling Credit Ordering for Individual Customers below.

Enabling Credit Ordering Using Sage Account Fields

To enable credit ordering using one of two Sage Customer Record fields use the following settings in Woosage50>Settings>Credit Ordering. This method of enabling credit ordering is more complex, but once setup it does allow you to control the feature from Sage.

In the option Allow credit ordering for customers select Use Sage field(s) from the dropdown list.

Then in Credit ordering field(s) select the Sage customer record field(s) you want to use to enable credit ordering for your customers, as follows:

  1. Terms agreed
  2. Priority customer

You must select at least one of the above, but you can use both. In which case you can use either field to enable credit ordering for individual customers.

If required, enable additional checks as described in the following section.

A list of supported credit ordering payment methods that are detected by Woosage will be displayed as checkboxes by the Credit ordering payment methods option. Select as appropriate.

You can then enable this feature for individual customers as described in Enabling Credit Ordering for Individual Customers below.

If changes are made to the Sage fields being used or a Sage customer record is updated, they will not be available for order processing in the website until the next orders processing cycle has run, as this will fetch the status of the Terms Agreed and Priority Customer fields for the website user accounts. This would normally be done as part of the regular processing cycle, but If you require changes to be effective immediately use the Processing>Orders>Run Now.

Additional Sage Account Checks

The Additional checks option displays the following options which can be selected.

  1. Order Exceeds Available Credit - If selected, and the value of an order exceeds the available credit (Credit Limit less account balance) for this customer on Sage, then the order will not be imported to Sage.  The Sage account balance does not include Sales Orders that have not been invoiced, so these will not be considered when Woosage calculates the available credit.
  2. Account Held – If selected, and the Sage customer account is on hold, then the order will not be imported to Sage.

If both checks are enabled and the order fails the first check, the second check will not be performed.

In the checkout the customer will see a message in place of the usual confirmation message, which defaults to the following, which can be changed:

Your order is subject to additional checks and will be confirmed by email.
By default, orders failing any of the above selected checks will not be imported to Sage. In this situation, a warning is generated with the details and the customer will be notified via email. To override this and allow failed orders to be imported:

  1. Go to Settings>Orders>Order status options
  2. Select Failed credit checks
The warning will still be generated, but the customer will not be notified.

Important. If a customer order fails any of the additional credit checks, they will not be allowed to use credit ordering on subsequent orders until the first order is paid (order status is Processing or Completed) or the order status is changed manually from Failed Credit Checks.

Alternative Payment Option

If an order fails any additional checks, then the customer can be presented with option to pay for the order via a link in the “failed checks” email notification (see below). The customer can use the link to take them back to the checkout, where any other payment options will be available, but not credit ordering.

Enabling Credit Ordering for Individual Customers

Depending on the method selected for enabling credit ordering in the Woosage50 settings, you will need to enable it for individual customer accounts.  Both methods require that you edit the website user profile Woosage section for each customer, as described below.

  1. Go to Users>All Users
  2. Scroll or search for the user and click to edit
  3. Scroll the the Woosage section (see screenshot above)
  4. If using the Website User Profile method of enabling credit ordering, then
    1. Tick the Allow credit ordering checkbox
    2. if you want to ensure that this users order are created in a specific Sage customer account you can add Sage customer account reference in the Sage account field, rather than have Woosage search using the billing email address.
  5. If using the Sage Field(s) method of enabling credit ordering, then
    1. Add Sage customer account reference in the Sage account field. This will also ensure that their orders are created in this account, but is primarily to allow Woosage50 to get the Sage customer fields during the order processing cycle.
  6. Click Update User
Additionally, if Using Sage Field(s) method or enabling credit ordering, for each customer that you wish to enable this feature, do the following in Sage:
  1. Tick the Priority Customer and/or the Terms Agreed checkbox(s) in the Sage>Customer Record>Credit Control tab according to the fields indicated in the Woosage50 settings above.
  2. Click the Save button

Customer Emails

When credit ordering is enabled, customers will receive additional email content, depending in the above settings, which can be changed in the settings.

Order Confirmation Email

If an order is successful, the usual confirmation email will be sent with an additional message, which defaults to:

Your order will be invoiced according to your account terms.

Pending Checks Email

When additional checks are selected the customer will receive a “pending checks” email with the a default message of:

Order #XXX is subject to additional checks on your account and will be confirmed shortly.

Failed Checks Email

If an order fails one of the checks, then the customer will receive a “failed checks” email with the following default content.
Order #[order_number] is currently being held due to the following:
Please contact us for further assistance.
[failed_reasons] is a placeholder which will be replaced in the email with one of the following

  1. Account credit exceeded

  1. Account on hold

The content of these emails can be modified in the settings.

Enabling the Alternative Payment Option in the Failed Checks Email

An option to allow the customers to pay for the order using an alternative payment method (in the event an order fails checks) can be included in the “failed checks” email, by setting the following option to YES.

Include payment link in email 

This will add the following message to the “failed checks” email

Click here to complete your order using an alternative payment method.
The link will take the customer to the order checkout page of the website, where other payment options will be available, but not credit ordering.

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