Woosage50 vs. Woosage

Woosage50 vs. Woosage

Woosage50 is the replacement for Woosage and is designed to improve efficiency and usability. Like Woosage it is available in two variants:
  1. Essentials - Basic order processing with some additions, such as Sage reference in website orders and website references in payments.
  2. Professional - Essentials plus Multi-currency, Product updates, Price updates & Stock updates.
Woosage50 has been in development for 12 months and has the following key features.
  • The Woosage Control Centre has been replaced by moving the user interface to the website plugin, making the settings, processing controls and error logging available to multiple users at the same time. We have also added much better help information, with links to articles in the Woosage Help Centre, where necessary.
  • The processing controls now include scheduled processing to avoid conflicts Sage and other processes, such as back-ups or updates. Outside of the processing times a "Run Now" feature allows a forced processing cycle and the schedule can be paused at any time.  
  • The logging & reporting of errors and warnings has been significantly improved with notifications containing a summary each error and warning with the number of occurrences.  The Woosage50 plugin now holds all the logged processing information, which is presented in a table that has improved filtering, sorting and searching.
  • The WooCommerce Orders page now includes the Sage order/invoice reference and each order contains this information, when opened, along with the Analysis field settings.
  • Website products now hold additional information from Sage, that can be used for information or utilised by your web developers to enhance website functionality, such as location and part number.
  • Payment references have been improved and can now be the web order number, billing name or billing contact, in addition to fixed text.
  • The Woosage service now focuses on Sage interaction and uses a new API to interact with the website making it much more efficient. It now runs continually taking it cues for processing from the schedule, without the need for user intervention via the local network. This makes it better suited to server environments, which typically do not permit end-user access. It will also continue to run on a PC, or any Windows device that has access to the Sage data.
  • Woosage50 now runs separate processing cycles with separate schedules:
    • Order processing and stock updates
    • Product processing , including price updates and product creation, where selected.
The expected release date of Woosage50 Q1 2024 and we plan to move all clients over to the new version in due course.

This article provides answer to some of the frequently asked questions about Woosage50
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