New Releases of Woosage

New Releases of Woosage

From time to time we release new versions of the Woosage application to add new features and to ensure compatibility with the applications it interacts with (mainly Sage and WooCommerce).

Installing a New Version

Installing a new version is simply a matter of following the steps below.  All settings and data are preserved.
  1. The latest version of Woosage can be downloaded here (select the Latest Application Release folder)
  2. Download the installer file, which will be called WoosageSetup_vX-X-X.exe, where vX-X-X is the version number).
  3. Double-click the installer to run it and click YES when the User Account Control dialogue box appears.
  4. If the Woosage Service is running or the Woosage Control Centre is open you will be asked if they can be closed to allow the installation to proceed.
  5. When the installation has finished, open Woosage Control Centre and restart the Woosage Service by going to the Utilities tab and clicking the Restart button
You must have Administrator permissions to run the Woosage installer.

Installing a New Version of the Woosage Plugin

To update the Woosage plugin follow the steps below.
  1. Download the latest version of the Woosage plugin from here and save to your local drive (select the Latest Woosage Plugin folder)
  2. Login to your website as an Administrator
  3. Select Plugins and use the search box to find the installed version of the Woosage plugin
  4. Click Deactivate
  5. Click the Add New button at the top of the page
  6. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page
  7. Click the Choose File button and locate the previously downloaded file
  8. Click Install New
  9. When the plugin has finished installing click Activate
The previous version can be then be deleted.

Sage New Version Releases


Sage releases new versions periodically, and these are either "point" releases (e.g. 26.1 to 26.2) or new "year" versions (e.g. 26 to 27).  The "point" versions do not normally require an update to Woosage or any change to the settings.  Changing from one "year" version to another can be selected in the Woosage Control Centre (Settings>Sage>Sage Version) and restarting the Woosage Service (Utilities>Restart).  
If you are using Woosage Pro you will need to remove the ODBC DSN (see Using the ODBC Capability) and then go to Woosage Control Centre>Utilities and click the blue Create DSN button
When Sage release a new "year" version we have to create a new version of Woosage to incorporate the new version of Sage Data Objects (SDO) and then thoroughly test it before release.  This usually takes around a week to complete, so please check it is available before upgrading Sage.
if your are moving to a new "year" version, which has just been released by Sage, then check that a new version of Woosage, containing the update for the new Sage version, is available.

WooCommerce Releases

Although WooCommerce is updated frequently the vast majority of updates do not require any updates to Woosage and we test the latest version of Woosage against new version of WooCommerce as they are released.  Woosage interacts with WooCommerce via the REST API V3.

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