Woosage50 Tax Settings

Woosage50 Tax Settings

By Default Woosage50 uses the tax calculations from the website order when creating a Sales Order or Sales Invoice in Sage. This is done to ensure the tax figures that the customer has been presented with in the checkout are used in Sage, avoiding any discrepancies due to the way each system rounds the tax calculations when totalling the taxes.

In order to ensure that the website tax codes are applied correctly in Sage the website taxes codes can be mapped to Sage tax codes in Settings>Taxes, as shown below.

All website tax codes should be mapped to the appropriate Sage tax code (aka "T" code).

Default Tax Code

We also recommend setting one of the tax code mappings as the default tax code to use in the event that a tax setting has been missed from a order line item when the website product was created, to ensure orders are processed by Woosage50 and not rejected due to missing tax codes.

Using Sage Tax calculations

Woosage50 provides and option to use Sage to calculate the tax at the time the Sales Order or Sales Invoice is created by Woosage50, based on the Sage tax settings associated with the products and/or customer. This option is in Settings>Taxes and should be used with caution for the reason explained above.
Warning. This may cause differences in tax calculations when comparing the website order with the Sage order/invoice

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