Replacing the Woosage Licence Key

Replacing the Woosage Licence Key

Woosage now authenticates the licence via your subscription, so this article will only apply if you have been send a temporary licence key by Woosage Support.

Woosage will not operate without a valid licence key and the current licence type and expiry is shown, along with the version, at the top of the Woosage Control Centre application header, as shown below.

The licence key is currently supplied as a text file and updating the licence key is simply a matter of pasting the new key into the licence key field to replace the old one and this can be done as follows:

Open the supplied .txt file using Notepad

Select Edit>Select All

Select Edit>Copy (or press Ctrl-C) to copy the new licence key

Go to the Woosage Settings/Woosage tab in Woosage Control Centre

If there is an activate subscription and the licence key is being used to override this, then remove the subscription ID and click the Save Settings button before proceeding.
Select the contents of the Woosage Licence Key field, being careful to select all of it (it is safer to delete the old one first)

Press Ctrl-V to paste the new licence key

Click the Save Settings button

 You should see the licence details confirmed in the application header.

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