Product Codes (AKA SKU or Stock Codes)

Product Codes (AKA SKU or Stock Codes)

Sage Code Restrictions.

A requirement of Woosage is that the SKU codes in WooCommerce must match the Product (Stock) codes on Sage in order to process orders and update website products.

While WooCommerce can have SKU codes up to 255 characters in length, Sage codes can be a maximum of 30 characters in length. By default, WooCommerce does not allow duplicate SKU codes (see below).

WooCommerce allows most visible characters (i.e. not tabs, line breaks etc), but will allow spaces (multiple continuous spaces are removed).

Sage codes can only use A-Z (uppercase only), 0-9 and the characters / . - # ! " $ % ( ) _ % but cannot include spaces or comma‚Äôs.  The the codes must be unique in Sage.

If you have items on the website that you do not update from Sage, but could be present in orders (e.g. non-stock or drop-shipped items) you can use the following features in Advanced Settings to ensure that the orders are processed in Sage, without having to add the items to Sage.
  1. Omit the SKU from the website and use a Default SKU in the Woosage Advanced Settings (Use Default if SKU missing)
  2. Allow Woosage to substitute a Default SKU if the SKU is not found in Sage (Woosage Advance Settings, Use Default if SKU not found)
  3. Create a "dummy" SKU on Sage and use the same SKU for all these items (this requires you to allow duplicate SKU in WooCommerce - see Enable Duplicate SKUs in WooCommerce
If you are forced to have SKU codes in WooCommerce that include spaces, which are not compatible with Sage (e.g. your SKUs are imported from a product feed) the you can use the replacement character substitution in the Advanced settings.  Woosage will then replace the spaces with your chosen character (e.g. "-") so that they can be matched in Sage. The space character can be replaced by any character allowable in Sage.
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