Moving Woosage

Moving Woosage

Sometimes it is necessary to move Woosage to another PC or server and this is a fairly straight forward process.
  1. Download the latest version of the installer from here 
  2. Copy the database (woosage.db) from the existing server in C:\ProgramData\Woosage\WoosageData and save it to a location accessible from the new PC/Server.
  3. If the Sage data is on a server, make a note of any Woosage service logon credentials using the Windows Services application.
  4. Run the installer on the new PC/Server from the download folder
  5. Use the Woosage icon created by the installer (on the Desktop) to run the Woosage Control Centre (this will create a blank database) then exit the app.
  6. Paste the copied woosage.db file to C:\ProgramData\Woosage\WoosageData, overwriting the existing database.
  7. Contact Woosage Support to reset the subscription, so that you can then re-activate it (see not below).
  8. Go to the Utilities tab of the Woosage Control Centre and click the blue Create DSN button.
  9. Enter the logon credentials from step 3, if any, in the Woosage service properties using the Windows Services application.
  10. Uninstall Woosage from the original location. Otherwise Woosage will continue to run and generate errors.
The Woosage subscription is tied to the PC/server machine ID, so do not request the subscription reactivation until Woosage has been moved as the original installation will stop working.

We are happy to do this, but as it is outside the scope of our standard support terms there is a charge for this service.

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