Failed Orders

Failed Orders

WooCommerce SKU codes must match the Sage Product Codes for each order line item, otherwise, the order will fail to import to Sage, even if there are correct order line items within the order.   Orders will also fail if the Sage Account Code is not found in Sage, unless using the account creation feature in Woosage Pro.  If the missing Sage Account Code is customer-specific, then it will substitute the default code, but if that is not found then the order will fail.

Dealing with Failed Orders

If an order fails due, for any reason, then it will not be imported to the Woosage database or Sage and it will not show as exported in the website.  The cause of the order failure must be identified (see the Process Log for information about the cause) and rectified.  Once the the problem has been corrected Woosage will automatically (see note) pick up the order and process it.

Note: you must correct the issue with the period specified in the Order Window (days) setting as this defines how far back Woosage search for order to process.

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