Creation of new website products from Sage

Creation of new website products from Sage

Woosage has a feature that allows you to create new product in WooCommerce from Sage.

However, as WooCommerce has comprehensive product presentation features that are not present on Sage, such as short & long descriptions, attributes and variations, then Woosage can only create simple product "placeholders".

When Woosage creates a product placeholder in WooCommerce it creates a product with the following characteristics:
  1. It is a Simple product and Catalogue Visibility is "hidden", so that it can not be seen by customers until you are ready to display it.
  2. It contains SKU (Sage Product Code), Name (Sage Description), Price, Stock & Weight only. All other data must be entered in to WooCommerce manually.

Enabling Product Creation from Sage

To enable the creation of Sage products in WooCommerce there are 2 steps, as follows:
  1. In the Settings>Woosage tab of the Woosage Control Centre, turn on the Create Sage Products in WooCommerce setting (change to blue tick/flag).
  2. In Sage, any products with the Publish to Web checkbox ticked will be created in WooCommerce, if not already present, and will be updated according to the other Woosage settings (Stock, Price, Weight and Sage Description can be separately managed).
The Publish to Web checkbox is found in the Web tab of each Sage Product Record and must be ticked for creation and on going update of stock and other data on WooCommerce.

Note: If a product with the same SKU exists as Private or Draft on WooCommerce then it will be created again.

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